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We are a Berlin based company, designing, creating & executing high-quality Hybrid & Livestream events.

Event Production Digital Events

Digital Event Production & Livestreaming

From initial conception through development & implementation, we take your ideas and turn them into impressive Digital Events. We use the latest digital technologies to provide a cohesive experience for all of your attendees.

Our services include; Studio Rental, Set construction for unique online experiences, Green Screen production, Event Technology & Operation for live streaming. Streaming to Social Media Channels as well as custom built websites and video players  in up to 4K resolution.

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Hybrid Events

On-site events mixed with Digital experience to make the most of being on-site and off-site. The world is changing, and with it the Event’s industry must evolve. In terms of sustainability (Shipping and travel, accommodation, printing and energy consumption), as well as cost effectiveness. We provide a scalable on-site experiences alongside a Digital Platform to ensure your events can take place accounting for the environmental and social responsibility of new times.

Hybrid Events

3D Environments & Virtual Reality (VR) Event Production

Take your Digital Events to the next level. We build custom 3D spaces for your events that can be used in browsers and with Virtual Reality technology. This is the perfect way to showcase exhibitors and provide a unique space for your event to take place.


Event Production Services

From 0 to (virtual)reality: Management. Design. Execution. We make your events work, in any format, any place. 

At the core of any incredible event is an agile and effective Events Production Team. We provide consultation and production throughout the entire production process, from the ideation stage, through to Stage Management.

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WLAN Event Networking

WLAN & Networking Services

Your event needs to stay connected. With the increased reliance on internet connections from anything from daily zoom calls to livestreaming events from venues. We help you stay connected with a stable, high quality network, which is more important than ever.


Event Technology

Even in 2020 when we are all livestreaming, event technology is still the core of the events industry. We offer a wide range of event technology equipment including Backline, Rigging, Audio, Lighting, Camera & Video equipment.

Event Technology