Livestreaming & Online Events.

This is not "just another livestream". We transform your events into incredible Online Event & Hybrid Event Experiences

Interactive Online Events
not JUST another streaming company in Berlin.

We develop strategies alongside you to help you keep your viewers engaged.

Your event can now have speakers & attendees from all over the world: we ensure the correct tools are selected for your online event. We work with our clients extensively to understand not just the technical requirements of the event, but what the event is trying to achieve and communicate.

Our aim is to allow you to focus on what is important: the content. We’ll deal with all the technology headaches 🙂
Studio Location

Right here, right now. Your attendees should not feel like they are looking through a window at an event, they should relate as a part of it. Live Q&As, participating in live polls, chatting with other participants or jumping into digital cafes: these sorts of interactions are integral to creating outstanding digital event experiences. Options for a ‘Virtual Crowd’ so attendees can be seen in the studio are also available. See below!
Streaming & event technology.

Quality comes first. High quality audio and video is the heart of a great online event. We live in the streaming age, and attendees are used to the standards set by the giants in the industry like YouTube & Netflix.

We use professional equipment to produce high quality, awesome looking livestreaming productions. We focus on the look and feel of your livestream and how your attendees experience that at home and engage through the whole digital event. We offer streams in up to 4K Quality.
Online Events Platform
Studio Locations

It’s all about location! When producing a studio-based or venue-based online / hybrid event, location is important. First images play a large role in how people engage in a digital livestream. Choosing a space that has either a natural visually appealing setting or space to construct one is a key element in event quality. An appropriate internet infrastructure is key when selecting a venue. We are talking about digital!

Along with our own studio in former East Berlin, we also work with a number of venues across Germany & Europe. We can help you choose!
Interactive Online Events
Livestreaming Technology
Online event platforms

Everybody needs a home. New formats like online events and hybrid events need a place to display their entire potential, so we develop custom web portals to ensure your attendees can experience your online event in a real way.

These portals are designed to guide attendees through your own special program: from a main stage to breakout rooms, online meetings, a small break with a digital cafe and into virtual conferences again. Depending on the complexity and level of features your online event might need, these portals can be simple one-page websites or more complex fully featured web-platforms.

We also stream to existing video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Hopin, Webex, MS Teams or social media platforms that can be embedded on your own website like Vimeo, YouTube & Facebook.
Virtual Production
3D Environments & Virtual Production

You could be anywhere. We take your online events to another reality: We work with Green Screen and LED Wall technology, 360 Streaming, VR & AR to create virtual environments.  

But wait, there's more!

Translate your event live with professional translators. 

Stream in multiple languages to multiple destinations.

* with certain technology it is possible to have a ‘language’ selector so all your viewers remain in one stream.

All streams should be accessible and barrier free, from the implementation of the website to the stream itself. 

Add Sign Language Interpretation to your stream.

It is important to know that Sign Language is not a universal language, so if you stream in multiple languages, you may need multiple Sign Language interpreters and streams. If you are facing any other accessibility challenges, we are more than happy to work on request.

Live, public moderated chat, safe for your audience.

Private messaging between attendees and panelists.

Interactive Q&A possibilities with upvoting to filter ‘most popular’ questions.

Interactive polling & quizzing software with realtime results showed on stream.

Stream to as many platforms as you want! 

Go live to Zoom, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Hopin, InvitePeople, Webex, MS Teams and your private intranet at the same time.

Online livestream events require a stable internet connection.

We provide backup internet to any streaming location via Bonded LTE. 

If you are looking at livestreaming outdoors or in a location with a not very reliable internet connection, we can provide an LTE solution.

*Pending Speedtest & Availability on site.

Integrate your at home audience into the studio or venue at your hybrid event.

Give the audience the option to be seen and be part of the event!

Hosting in Europe (GDPR data protection compliant), we don’t implement tracking features (unless requested).

Bring in remote callers from around the world.

Remote speakers.

Attendees to ask live Q&A or be part of a panel discussion.

Integrate logos, lower thirds, frames and playback in a customised design for your event.

Record content before your event to play it into the stream.

In some cases speakers aren’t available at the exact time of the event, we can send a team to do a high quality pre-record before the event.

Want to record promotional material, trailer or b-roll for the stream? We can help you with that!

We also produce a 2-3 minute aftermovie of your event. 

Looking to produce content from multiple studios across the world and pull them together in one stream? We produce the infrastructure and methodology to make it possible. 

Producing a sporting or gaming event? Instant replay adds a whole new dimension to your broadcast.

For most streams 1080p (Full HD) is more than enough, however we are able to stream in 4K if required.

Using the latest streaming technology, we are able to stream with 5-7 seconds latency, rather than the typical 20s.

*depending on the streaming provider.