From theory, to practice.

This is not "just another livestream". We transform your events into incredible Digital Event Experiences


Digital Events Spaces

Great livestreams need captivating design. We build your digital event location whether it is using one of the many special venues located around Berlin or our own custom live-streaming studio located in the former East Berlin.


Web Platforms

Digital events need a home, so we have developed custom web portals for your event to ensure your attendees can still experience your event. We design these portals to guide attendees through your agenda. From a main stage, to breakout rooms, a digital cafe, finding your social media channels and being able to experience the event in the correct language. These platforms can be completely branded for your event.


Multi-Lingual Livestreams

As a replacement for onsite translation, we are are able to offer Multi-Lingual Digital Events & Livestreams. This enables you to reach a wider audience and even create custom content for some countries and territories.


Design & Experience

This is key to any event and even more so in Digital & Hybrid Events. Each step of the way needs to be thought out clearly, how to keep your viewers engaged, how to make it feel like ‘not just another livestream’. We work with you from the beginning to ensure your Online Events are just as effective as your in-person Events.


Remote Presenters

Make sure your keynote speakers, presenters and panelists can take part in your Digital Event even if they cannot travel. We can also provide ‘Stream @ Home’ kits to your speakers to increase the quality of your Digital Events.



Your audience needs to be able to interact with the content, Live Q&A, participate in a chat or live polls, event chat with other participants or jump into ‘digital cafes’. These sorts of interactions are integral to creating incredible Digital Event experiences.