Our Team.

We are ​​inventive. We fancy ourselves as creatives. We crave good problems to solve. We choose to adapt. We stay flexible. We love doing what we do. We feel different. We like to help. We enjoy the challenge. We work hard and dream big.

Our Players

Production Manager
Production Manager

Production Manager

Creative Producer
Office Manager

Design Consultant

CED (Chief Executive Doggo)
IN THEORY is an events company with a dedicated team of people working together to create engaging digital and hybrid event experiences. Our company stands for diversity and inclusion, and this is also reflected in our staff. We create a working environment that welcomes every person and makes everyone feel part of a team. We conceived the company as a space where people could have an opportunity to grow, a space where they could feel comfortable and do fun work with results they could feel proud of. We don’t like to follow traditional structures that tie us to one long term goal that doesn’t let us look beyond it. Weprefer to adapt and be flexible, so we can give our customers the service that they need.


We choose to collaborate with ambitious brands and people who share our environmental and social values. Sustainability and caring for the environment are part of our work culture.

We are dreamers. We aim to support independent projects and causes with meaning, sponsoring independent & not-for-profit events, supporting minority groups, demonstrations, movements and communities. 

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