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Livestreaming Venue

We create engaging Online, Hybrid & Live event experiences.

We are a Berlin based company designing, creating and executing high-quality Livestreaming, Hybrid & Live events. Bringing value to your company, performance and message. Our core is to do great work and to have a great time doing it.

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Unique Challenges Digital Events

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Unique Challenges

COVID-19 challenged the events industry to think differently. Hybrid Events, Virtual Events and Livestreaming have become the most prominent way for artists, businesses and individuals alike. Livestreaming is your way to get your message and work out into the world.


Hybrid Events & Livestreaming

Events need to be transformed into Online Events & Hybrid Events. We help you develop your events and ideas so that they can still take place in an online, virtual format. Creative use of technology allows us to ensure maximum contact and engagement in the virtual world. Everything you had planned for your event can still happen, but with a special digital twist.

Livestreaming & Hybrid Events
Livestreaming Camera Close Up

Quality Engagement

We use professional equipment to produce high quality, great looking livestreams. We focus on the look and feel of your livestream and how your attendees experience that at home and how to keep them engaged.


Smart Production

Our crews are kept small to make sure that we comply with safety recommendations and have as few contact points as possible. We make use of remotely operated cameras and optimise our workflow so we can reduce the number of crew needed onsite. We provide appropriate PPE to all crew on site and ensure all equipment is disinfected before and after being handled.

Covid-19 Production Safety
Interactive Livestreaming Tools

Interactive Livestreaming

We work with a variety of tools that allow Remote Presenters to take part in your Digital Event. Live Q&A’s, comments appearing on screen, interactive polls where live results are shown live. We also develop tools specifically for your use cases. Read more about our Digital Events offering here

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Livestreaming Set Construction

Your audience has a great opportunity to connect with your brand even during uncertain times through Livestreaming. Get in touch with us today to explore options for your event.